Here are the projects we currently have on our schedule. These are updated frequently, so check back to see what's coming up.


Joyabaj, Guatemala is a small town in the mountainous region of this Central American country. Joyabaj is mainly populated by the indigenous Quiche people. In the 1960’s a civil war broke out in the country of Guatemala and lasted through 1996. This war nearly depleted the rural areas of Guatemala, like Joyabaj, of its men. This war, along with a massive earthquake in the 1970’s, has devastated the town. We still find an enormous amount of poor and widows that inhabit this mountain town. Project 58 is partnering with a local missionary and church to build homes for widows and their families and to produce Community Impact Events (C.I.E.s) that provide basic medical care, haircuts, basic hygiene items, and other physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The village of Boucan is located high in the mountains south of Port au Prince. Like most villages in Haiti, Boucan lacks running water, electricity, access to medical care and education making life in this village arduous. The majority of people who live in Boucan make their living by growing crops and then selling them at the market for little profit.

In order to bring hope and transformation to this village we are partnering with an organization called Hope in the Light. Currently, through our partnership we are helping to provide an education to over 280 children in the village. The students currently meet in the recently constructed orphanage for school as they wait for classrooms to be constructed.

We have the amazing opportunity to help build a school for these children. The plan is to build 10 classrooms and a cafeteria and offices for the teachers. The cost of each classroom is approximately $4000. As this school is built more and more children will have the opportunity to receive a life changing education.

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